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Processing Payments on an Effective ecommerce Web Site

Brent Kelly
Published on

When setting up an e-commerce web page design you need to decide exactly what methods of payment you are going to provide your customers with. The most common form of payment on a web site is a credit card, but there are a number of other options. A summary of these options follows:


  • Direct Credit

    The customer places their order through the web page design, then transfers the money directly into your bank account. You ship the goods once the payment has been received and verified.


  • Cheque

    The customer places their order through the web page design, then sends you a cheque. You ship the goods once the cheque has been received and processed.


  • Purchase Orders

    Purchase orders are useful for web sites that specialise in business-to-business transactions or transactions with account customers. The customer enters a purchase order number and the goods are shipped to the customer. The customer is billed at the end of the month for their purchases.


  • Cash on Delivery

    The customer places their order through the web page design. Goods are shipped to the customer and the customer pays via cheque or cash on delivery.


Remember – always make it as easy as possible for your customers to purchase from you. Credit cards are the best and most common form of payment – but always look to provide alternative methods of payment. Many people are wary when first purchasing from a web site, especially if it is unknown. They may feel more comfortable with a more traditional method of payment. Allow people to fax or phone-in their payment details with a 0800 number.

Brent Kelly
Published on

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