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Promote your products and services through case studies

Sarah Gleeson
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Case studies are a fantastic way to promote your products and services without the hard sell. In a world where customers are constantly exposed to advertising, case studies can be a natural way to get your message across.

Benefits of promoting your products through a case study

1. Build trust

Having an existing customer demonstrate the reliability of your product and business is a fantastic way to build trust. A third party discussing your product in a positive light is seen as more trustworthy to potential clients, and is a method of building trust that all businesses should action.

2. Solve problems

Discuss your existing client's problems and show how you solved them. Chances are, other potential customers have similar problems that they are anxious to solve. An added bonus is that leads generated by your case study will be of higher quality because people are already seeking out a solution for an acknowledged problem.

3. Showcase unique features

A case study puts your product in the spotlight so you can show off all the great features that are missing in your competitors products. Here is your chance to highlight your point of difference!

4. Back up your claims

You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? Customers will often be a little hesitant about believing claims without proof. Case studies are an excellent source of real life evidence on how your product or service helped your customer.

5. Make your product relatable

A great way to sell your products or services is to showcase them in their natural environment. What better way to show a customer that you sell shoes great for racing, than a case study on a race winner who wore your shoes! 

6. Ensure your product is memorable

People tend to favour a story, they are also more inclined to remember the gist of something they are told, or read, rather than the facts. For that reason, it is best to discuss your product in a story-like manner alongside facts and figures.

Tips to get started...

  • Ask an existing client for permission to use their story, or to interview them about their experience.
  • Use story telling to excite your audience.
  • Discuss the problem your client had before using your product- you want to ensure other clients connect to the case study.
  • Show exactly how you fixed your client's problem, and what features of the product or service made a big impact.
  • Wherever possible, use percentages, or quotes about how your product has improved the initial problem the customer had.
  • Try to break up the text with easy to interpret graphs, or images. Make the audience want to keep reading!
  • Near the end, add testimonial about your product and business from the customer. 
  • Sign off with information on how customers facing similar problems can get in touch with you. 

For more inspiration on how to write a case study for your business, have a read of our real life case studies about Zeald clients.

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Sarah Gleeson
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