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The Framework of an Effective Web Site Design

Brent Kelly
Published on

The framework for your web site specifies the basic structure of where information will be located on the web page. The three standard ‘framework’ formats are:

  • Header – Left Column – Right Column– Footer
  • Header – Left Column – Footer
  • Header – Footer

These formats are accepted as framework standards throughout the world and conform completely to web site usability standards. They are extremely common and are used by the majority of web sites designs, including some of the most successful web sites on the Internet (,, etc). Due to this, they are very well recognised and your average Internet user will immediately recognise the framework and understand the basics of navigating a web site that is built upon these standards.

Often a single web site will use a number of different frameworks depending on the information that is being presented on the specific web page.

Brent Kelly
Published on

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