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The Importance of Good Products or Services for the Web

David Kelly
Published on

The strength of your products or services forms the foundation for your entire business - including the online side of things. Remember that your web site design is working in a virtual world where it is even easier to compare one company’s offerings to another. Your competitor’s offerings are always just a click away! The stronger your products or services are – the greater the empire that can be built upon them.

So what do we mean by a strong product or service?

A strong product or service is one that lots of people want, or even better – must have.

  • Does your product or service solve a problem?
  • Does your product or service deliver some amazing benefits?

The centre of your product or service offering is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). What makes your product or service offering unique and better than any other on the market? Could you explain this to someone?

Your USP might be that you are the cheapest, or you provide 24/7 support or that your product has some killer features that the competition does not have. This must be incorporated into your web page design.

Zeald has a great example of a strong USP. Zeald’s USP is that we partner with our clients, guiding them through a program to produce a web site that wins business!

Finally, and this may seem incredibly obvious - but make sure that your product lends itself to being sold on the Internet. Are similar products already selling on the Internet? If not, then you need to be prepared to work hard. Because chances are that you will be establishing a new market online. Breaking in new ground is never easy, so your web page design must be the best it can be to improve your chances of online success!

David Kelly
Published on

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