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The Importance of Trust and Credibility

Brent Kelly
Published on

Building trust and credibility is an essential part of any sales process. If you can successfully establish trust and credibility and build a strong rapport with a potential customer through your web page design then you will be well on your way to completing the first three steps.

But how does one establish trust and credibility with a potential customer without meeting them? How does one establish trust and credibility on a web site?

  • Testimonials
  • References
  • Partners & affiliates (credibility by association)
  • Guarantees
  • Awards
  • Case studies
  • Evidence of a physical presence
  • Privacy and other legal policies
  • Professional design and error-free content (more credibility).

Many of the trust elements work very well as highlights in the right-hand column of the web page design.

Brent Kelly
Published on

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