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Using an Introduction to Create Interest - Long Sales Copy

Brent Kelly
Published on

Element #4

The purpose of the introduction in your web page sales copy is to introduce yourself to the reader and establish your credibility; you might use a well-placed testimonial, or select some ‘one-liners’ or ‘partial’ quotes from your testimonials.

Telling a story is a great way to work an introduction. People love stories! That’s why publishing, movie-making and other media are so big– because people love to hear a good story.

A good and well-presented story will allow your target customers to identify with you. It will give them further confidence that you understand their goals, problems and needs.

Think about how you came to be in the position you are now. What made you offer the products or services that you are offering? Share some of your passion! People identify with passion.

To tell a good story you will need to allow a bit of your personality, or your brand’s personality, to shine.
Brent Kelly
Published on

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