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Using the Price to Produce Desire - Long Sales Copy

Brent Kelly
Published on

Element #6

Now comes the time to present the price in your long web page sales copy. Before you present your price information you need to ensure that you have covered everything possible to make it a ‘non-issue’. Make sure that you have created as much ‘value’ as possible through the presentation of your benefits.

Remind the reader of the goal, problem or need that is being solved / satisfied by your product or service. Summarise the major benefits associated with your offering, then … present your price.

There are a number of techniques that can be used to make the price as acceptable and attractive as possible:

  • compare your price with the financial benefits or cost-savings that will be obtained through the use of your offering
  • show a price that is discounted from the normal price of the product
  • compare your price with that of similar priced products.
Brent Kelly
Published on

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