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Brent Kelly
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Websites are about information. Websites present information - your information - to the outside world. You control the content on your website and it is powerful – so use it wisely! If you create content that is persuasive and motivating to your readers and you have a great product or service then you will achieve results! There is no two ways about it. If your content is poor – your results will be poor.

Before preparing your content, read through the information about laoding content very carefully. Read the information, once through, from ‘start to finish’. On your second reading, start making your first draft content notes. This will help you to focus your attention where it is needed most.

Unless it is a matter of urgency to go ‘live’ (such as a competitive necessity, or your site content has to be updated right now), you can avoid hours of wasted time on copywriting if you have worked through the concepts presented in this module!

The process of preparing your content will determine the success of your website more than any other factor! The ‘quality’ of the information you present will determine whether your site flourishes as a high-performance business tool or withers and dies. Just by working diligently through the guidelines in this section you should get results that work for your business.

Your website's content must ‘grab’ your reader’s attention with quality information, because if they perceive the content is intended for them and it appears ‘worth their while’, it will be a successful experience. They are just a click-away from leaving your site at all times, so choose your information carefully or your website results will suffer.

Their first visit will often determine if they’ll ever return.

The ‘words’ (or ‘copy’ as writers call it), are one of the most important parts of the information you present online. A prospect wants information. The information presented on a website needs to use a tone that appeals to them and in a ‘language’ they understand.

Many people write poorly, so they should leave this specialist skill to an expert. But even if you write competently, writing convincing sales copy is a specialist area. It takes real skill to convince a prospect that they need what you have … and to return to you for it again and again!

If you are writing your site’s copy yourself, be prepared to factor-in an Internet copywriting professional to edit it. In some cases they’ll only need to ‘tweak it’, but at other times, you’ll be glad you enlisted their services as they’ll make your copy ‘shine’.

Of course, it takes courage to get ‘help’, but you should consider this from the outset of your project. No matter how happy you are with your copy, there is always room for improvement. Speak to the Support Team for more information.

Brent Kelly
Published on