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Website Training with Zeald

Brent Kelly
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Training is where you learn the skills you need to load and manage your new website.

Your session begins with a review of what we call the ‘front-end’ of your website. This is the actual website that your customers see and use. Your trainer will ‘walk’ you through the site, explaining its structure, design, features and functionality, and ensure that you are familiar with technical terminology and vocabulary.

This gives you the opportunity to experience and understand how your site will function from your customers’ perspective. It will also give our trainer an opportunity to assess your level of understanding and learning style, which will enable them to ‘adjust’ their training strategy and methods according to your needs.

Once you understand how the front-end works it is time to move on to the website administration system- the ‘back-end’. You will be taught how the administration of your website works and how the two halves (front-end and back-end) relate to each other. The second part of the session, and the actual training, comprises a demonstration of the site administration functions.

You will be taught how to log into your website administration system and will be taken through the Zeald E-business Suite (ZES). Your trainer will cover the following modules in detail:

  • Content Management
  • Customer Management
  • Orders Processing & Tracking
  • Merchandising
  • Reports

Your trainer will explain one module at a time and demonstrate each task within the module. If you do not understand a certain component, your trainer will review the task until you are confident you understand the process.

It is important to note that while training does follow a logical structure, to ensure you acquire the skills you need, it is still conducted in a very ‘flexible’ manner. As such, you are encouraged to ask questions, request clarification, view additional demonstrations and offer input and feedback… or if you want, have a go yourself at any stage, until you are confident that you have gained the understanding you need.

Your training will be conducted with an appreciation of your individual needs, your level of knowledge and your particular learning style. And remember, with Zeald, further support is only a phone call or email away!

Brent Kelly
Published on

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