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What are the Left and Right Columns in a Web Page

Brent Kelly
Published on

The Left Column

The left column is the primary area of navigation for your web site.

The left-hand column of the web page design is one of the most common areas that users expect to find key navigation. If your primary objective is to sell product, then this is where a user expects to find the links to your products. A search component will often be located in the left-hand column to assist with navigation.


The Right Column

The right column of the web page design contains a list of highlights and ‘utility components’.

Highlights are brief shortcuts to aspects of your web site, or your business, that you would like to emphasise. Examples of highlights include:

  • Testimonials
  • Awards
  • Case studies
  • Guarantees
  • Returns policy
  • Partners or affiliates
  • Associated brands.

Utility components are components that enhance the user’s web site experience. Examples of utility components that you might use in the right-hand column are:

  • Summary Shopping Cart
  • Account Login (for account or VIP customers).
Brent Kelly
Published on

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