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The battle of Android 4.4 KitKat and iOS7

Jacob Ross-Murphy
Published on

This month is shaping up to be a very busy one for the two tech giants, Apple and Google Android . With the recent release of iOS7, Apple is one step ahead in new smartphone operating systems. However, Android is hot on their heels, planning to release Android 4.4, dubbed Kitkat, early October. 

What we all want to know is; What’s better?

So far Android has been working efficiently with Nestle to promote their new operating system, but there is a lack of specification details from them just yet. However, the internet never fails to anticipate or gossip about what the latest Android sweet may encompass.

Rumours suggest the new update from Android will come with:

  • Updates for older devices
  • Fragmentation changes including screen resizing
  • Miracast updates
  • Color changes
  • New notification widgets

The partnership between Nestle and Android is rumoured to have been of no monetary exchange; though both companies benefit from the ‘you-scratch-my-back’ marketing that will occur through the partnership. Nestle, who have released new packaging on their confectionery bars to promote the release of 4.4 Kitkat, will benefit from having their name used on in conjunction with a Google product. As well as Android getting a good chunk of marketing done through Nestles funky marketing campaign. The new packaging released by Nestle includes details of a competition to win 1 of 1000 new Nexus 7’s (a Google tablet) or Google play credit.

On the flip side, Apple’s iOS7 was well received with 32% of Apple devices in the USA and Canada making the switch to iOS7 within 48 hours. Apple’s iOS7 was a massive overhaul to the slim, aesthetic vibe that Apple promotes. Minimalistic is the buzzword to describe the new platform.

Some of the new features to iOS7 include:

  • Automatic updates to make everyday use easier
  • Long-overdue Control Center gives quick access to most-used features
  • AirDrop to transfer files wirelessly from one device to another
  • iTunes Radio to make accessing and streaming music even easier
  • Easier to close running apps (some say this is more like Android)
  • Auto app updating
  • Edge-to-edge design
  • Folders now hold more icons

While there has inevitably been some backlash from the new iOS7, we are yet to see what Android is bringing to the table just yet (apart from a huge amount of chocolate).

It will be interesting to see how Android’s Kitkat plays out visually on older models of smartphones. Both platforms are at the top of smartphone technology; it seems there’s no end to the battle between Apple and Android.


Jacob Ross-Murphy
Published on

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